FFor over two centuries, approximately 12,000 families have been growing cacao using the same traditional techniques, passing them from generation to generation.


Cacao, which shows a
range of vivid red,
yellow, green and violet
colors, is grown by hand using
tools such as scissors and rakes.


After it is handpicked, the seed is
also opened by hand to get the
bean, which is then left to ferment
in wooden boxes, and dried under the
sun, also on a wood surface.


These traditions, including several other
particular techniques, and the rich Colombian
soils are the keys to the exceptional organoleptic
attributes of Chocolate Santander that makes
it the only gourmet chocolate from Colombia.

Its special characteristics, its natural ingredients, the wonderful blend of both “Trinitarian” and “Criollo” cacao varieties, along with the use of state-of-theart production technology and thorough quality control, are reasons of pride among Colombian chocolates for Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, which is currently the leader in the Colombian chocolate market.

Some presentations of Chocolate Santander contain Colombia Coffee, a harmonious blend of two ancient foods. 100% Colombian Coffee is a worldwide symbol for their unmatched quality. Coffee and Chocolate Santander, memorable flavor and fragrances.


Thanks to the fine quality of this Colombian chocolate, the wide variety of pairings with other products reaches the maximum level of delicacy: chocolate and wine, or chocolate and cheese are just a few examples of the delicious combinations you can make with Chocolate Santander.
Discover the different products of Chocolate Santander and their recognitions obtained thanks to the high quality: