Chocolate Santander is Kosher, meaning it’s approved by Jewish laws. When we use
the term Kosher, we are referring to Chocolate Santander being produced to comply with the Jewish religion’s dietary rules, so that practicing Jews can consume it. The main principles of Jewish dietary laws state that meat and dairy products may not be consumed at the same time, and also prohibit the consumption of pork in any presentation or preparation. These restrictions and legislations are dictated, regulated, and supervised by the International Kosher Council (IKC). Since Chocolate Santander has been approved by the IKC, more people can enjoy it.

Chocolate Santander is also gluten free, making it a perfect treat for those people who are intolerant to gluten; gluten, which is found in certain cereals and flours, can cause trauma in the digestive system of those who are allergic to it. This is why Chocolate Santander is produced naturally and without using genetic manipulation, allowing everyone to enjoy its delicious flavor. Also, because it’s not genetically modified, this high quality product retains its natural characteristics. Chocolate Santander is manufactured with every detail in mind, and with the vision to reach a vast majority of people, allowing everyone to enjoy its wonderful taste in all its presentations.

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